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RACHAEL:  I knew from a very young age that my destiny was to go to Israel and unlock some secrets of the Biblical Text.  I would cry myself to sleep with news of Murder, Cruelty and such things as Animal abuse.  I wanted to understand HOW and WHY some people (from every walk of life) could seem to be so cruel.  I would wonder what was wrong with their souls!  When I found out the secret, that they had no soul, the picture of humanity became clearer.  I wanted to share this with others who struggle every day to make sense of the senselessness of the daily News on Planet Earth.

After reading this book, you will NEVER look at human behavior the same.



CYNTHIA:   I spent much of my life seeking answers from the Bible. My mother tells the story that I would ride my bike to the nearest Synagogue for Saturday school and attend our own Southern Baptist church on Sundays.  I was so enthusiastic to share my knowledge as a grammar school student, that I conducted a Bible study for all the kids during recess until the principal stopped this because of parent complaints.  I remember making it a requirement to attend.  It was not long before I found a new way to enter into preaching without a pulpit.  I found music.   This opened up many opportunities to sing in different venues such as churches, schools, Bar Mitzvahs, weddings and solo competitions, winning some local and State competition.

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The LORD GOD does have DNA.   The language (WORD) of DNA became FLESH.  The WORD (DNA language) became FLESH and dwelt among us.  The INVISIBLE language of DNA has been made visible...through FLESH!

Who's blood is running through YOUR veins?!

The Biological Children of GOD


Planet Earth


You keep saying Spiritual.


The Bible keeps pointing to Biological.

Neither race nor religion, neither creed nor color, neither nationality nor nation, no group is totally exclusive and no group is totally exempt.  Most of us carry a Bloodline that is mixed and mingled.  Those of us that understand this have the ability to fight the Mortal Coil.  Though the serpent may bruise our heels while we walk endlessly through tests, we will crush his head as we are entering into the Kingdom of the Heavenly Father.

This book is about to change the way you view your life, the people around you, and the news you hear and see every day.

Eve did not "eat" a fruit....Eve "Became fruitful" !   Some people are just bad seeds!
Make no mistake about it – the devil, the ancient serpent, had a plan to divide . . . and he needed a body to carry it out. Thousands of years before he entered Judas, he appeared in the Garden of Eden and entered something else – a “soulless human.” It was called a “serpent,” but again this was symbolic. This was not a snake as we think of today. Although called a “nachash” (snake) in Hebrew, its meaning goes deeper than that.


With the help of modern neuroscience, we can better understand this passage. Yes, science has revealed that humans share a portion of their brains with reptiles. This is called the R-complex. The reptilian complex of the brain was in the earliest humans and remains there to this day. Guess what it controls – or, perhaps more accurately, lacks control of? Anger, rage, emotion
Watch or listen to the news.  YOU will now understand how some "Beast" masquerade as humans.  Start to recognize them.  Start to understand the Battle of the bloodlines!
Preorder this book!  We are NOT here to scare you, we are here to PREPARE you. 
You must understand the beginning to understand the end.  This book will do just that!

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